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Weed Alert!
Posted on August 13th, 2010

CAUTION!! DO YOU HAVE THIS PLANT? - Weed Alert by Cherry Dodd - the Edmonton Naturalization Group

Last year I grew out some Northern Hedysarum seeds that had been given to me several years ago. I planted some of the seedlings into the garden plot, some in my yard, and I gave a lot of them to volunteers. This year the plants flowered, but instead of being pink, the blooms were yellow and the whole plant looked remarkably like Canada Milk Vetch, except it was lower and more sprawling. These plants were definitely not Northern Hedysarum. When the fat pale seed pods appeared, I knew the identity of the mystery plants. They were Cicer Milk Vetch (Astragalus cicer) - a non-native and very weedy species.
I pulled all the plants from the garden plot and from my yard and put them in the garbage. Please check your gardens if you got some "Northern Hedysarum" from ENG last year. This link to the ANPC website has some good pictures: http://www.anpc.ab.ca/wiki/index.php/Astragalus_cicer. A distinctive feature of this species is the seed pods that turn black when mature. The seeds rattle when the pod is shaken.
Take out those plants now (before the seeds mature), and put them in the garbage, not the compost. Then come out to the garden plot and choose a different replacement plant. Email me at engedmonton@gmail.com for garden plot dates and times.

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