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Campanula alaskana
Harebell (Alaska Harebell, Harebells)
Harebell family - Campanulaceae

A graceful but tough plant that nothing seems to bother. Flower colour can range from pale to deep blue. Foliage - narrow leaves giving a fine ,lacy appearance. Self-seeds.

Bloom time: June to Sept.
Ht: 20-45cm (8-18”)
Sun or semi-shade. Any well-drained to dry soil.

Direct seed in fall or cold moist stratify for 6 weeks before sowing in spring.
Canadanthus modestus
Large Northern Aster (Great Northern Aster)
Aster family - Asteraceae/Compositae

Wetland aster that will adapt to regular garden conditions. Will slowly spread into a large patch. Doesn’t self-seed.

Bloom time: July - August
Ht: 60cm (2 ft)
Sun or semi-shade.

Aster seeds have a low germination rate, so plant lots. You can always thin them out later. Sow the seeds directly into the garden in late fall and they will germinate in the spring. These seeds need a cold, moist stratification before they will germinate.
Cerastium arvense
Filed Mouse-ear Chickweed (Mouse-ear Chickweed)
Pink family - Caryophyllaceae

A low mat-forming groundcover with narrow leaves and masses of small white flowers
in spring and early summer. It is a tough and adaptable plant that grows in meadows in the wild.

Bloom time: May - July
Height: 10 - 20 cm (4 - 8")
Sun or semi-shade, average soil.
Chamaenerion angustifolium 
Evening Primrose family - Onagraceae

Vigorous perennial; spreads rapidly via underground runners.
Rose-pink flower spikes. Cut off spent flowers to prevent self-seeding.
Attracts bees.

Bloom time: Mid – late summer
Hight: to 1.5m (5’)
Sun to semi-shade; average soil.

Direct seed in spring or fall. Cover lightly.

Clematis occidentalis 
Wild Blue Clematis (Purple Clematis, Purple Virgin's-bower) 
Buttercup family - Ranunculaceae

A semi-woody vine that trails on the ground or climbs trees. Very delicate-looking beautiful flowers in shades of blue and purple. The "petals" are actually sepals. The leaves are compound - each one divided into 3. They are so separate that they look like 3 leaves instead of 1.

Bloom time: May - July
Height; up to 2 m
Semi-shade, and keep the roots shaded with mulch.