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Native Plants - D
Dalea purpurea = Petalostemon purpureum
Purple Prairie Clover
Pea family - Leguminosae

Short to medium-sized native perennial for sun. Drought-tolerant.
Bright pink flowers, July to September.
Sow in fall or stratify. Soak seeds first
Dodecatheon pulchellum
Saline Shooting Star
Primrose family - Primulaceae

Rising from a rosette of oblong leaves, flower stem carries a number of rose to red/purple reflexed petals. May go dormant in the heat and drought of summer, but will return the following spring.

Bloom time: June or July
Ht: Rosette; flower to 30cm (12”)
Sun to semi-shade; moist.

Direct seed in late fall or cold moist stratify for up to 8 weeks
Doellingeria umbellata = Aster umbellatus
Flat-topped White Aster
Aster family - Asteraceae/Compositae