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Hedysarum alpinum
Alpine Hedysarum
Pea family – Fabaceae/Leguminosae

Will gradually grow into a big colony but is not invasive. Does not like to be moved; has a thick taproot and does not transplant well. However tiny seedlings less than 10 cm tall should transplant without problems.
Young roots have sweet liquorice-like taste, giving rise to another common name
“Bear Root”. Flowers are from medium to light pink, and are typical of the pea family.

Bloom time: June, July
Ht: 15-75cm (6-30”)
Sun to semi-shade; drought tolerant

Soak seeds in hot water for 12-24 hours before planting in late spring or sandpaper lightly.
Helianthus nuttallii
Common Tall Sunflower
Aster family - Asteraceae/Compositae

Also known as Nuttall’s Sunflower. Tall showy back-of-the-border plant. Birds, especially Goldfinches, love the small seeds. Spreads quickly by short but shallow rhizomes so it is easy to dig out unwanted plants, or surround with a circle of buried 6” lawn edging. May need staking.

Bloom time: Aug., Sept.
Ht: 150-180cm (60-72”)
Sun; average soil; regular moisture.

Direct seed in late fall or cold moist stratify for up to 8 weeks.
Helianthus subrhomboideus
Rhombic-leaved Sunflower
Aster family - Asteraceae/Compositae

Sunny yellow flowers are 6cm (2.5”) The seeds are very attractive to birds, especially Goldfinches. Thrives in cultivation and spreads aggressively by rhizomes. Plant in a buried plastic pot or surround with buried 6” lawn edging.

Bloom time: Aug., Sept.
Ht: 30-120 cm (12-48”)
Sun; average soil.
Heterotheca villosa
Aster family - Asteraceae/Compositae

Long blooming period. Likes to sprawl – would make a good ground cover for hot dry area. Does not like to be overshadowed by other plants and does not transplant well because of a woody taproot. However small seedlings will usually transplant well.

Bloom time: July-August
Ht: 15-60cm (6-24”)
Sun; average to poor well-drained soil; drought-tolerant.

Easy germinator. Direct seed in late fall.
Heuchera richardsonii
Richardson’s alumroot
Saxifrage family - Saxifragaceae

Neat, rounded habit good for a rock garden or border. Evergreen, long-lived perennial. Inconspicuous creamy to greenish-brown flowers.

Bloom time: June-July
Ht: 35-50cm (14-20”)
Sun to shade; average well-drained soil.

Direct seed in late spring or late fall. Cover lightly.