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Lathyrus venosus
Purple Peavine (Veiny Vetchling)
Pea family - Leguminaceae

This vine, growing up to 120 cm tall (4 ft.), supports itself on adjacent plants. It tends to grow in colonies and it spreads by underground rhizomes.
Flowers are showy and purple to pink. Leaves are compound with 8 - 12 leaflets. Found at woodland's edge or growing beside the trail through the woods.
Not common and looks very similar to Cream-coloured Vetchling, L. ochroleucus.

Bloom time: June, July
Height: 70 cm - 120 cm (28 - 48")
Semi-shade or sun.

Purple Peavine is fairly easy to grow. Soak the seed in hot water before planting.
Liatris ligulistylis
Meadow Blazingstar
Aster family - Asteraceae/Compositae

Slow-growing and doesn’t usually bloom until third year from seed. Late emerging in spring. Good for attracting bees and butterflies; birds like the seeds.
Unusual flowerstalks bloom from the top down. Flowers are a brilliant magenta pink.
Seed heads are attractive fluff balls.

Bloom time: July, August
Ht: 30-60cm (12-24”)
Sun; average well-drained soil.

Easy germinator. Direct seed in late spring or late fall.
Linum lewisii
Wild Blue Flax
Flax family - Linaceae

Graceful airy stems covered in blue flowers early summer, repeat blooms more lightly through summer. Not long-lived, allow volunteer seedlings to replace the older plants. Mature plants do not like to be transplanted, but small seedlings transplant well.

Bloom time: June - July
Ht: 30 - 60cm (12 - 24”)
Sun; dry to well-drained, average to poor soil. Great drought-tolerant species for dry areas.

Direct seed in late spring. Cover. Stays small in first year of growth; will grow rapidly and bloom in 2nd year.