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Penstemon gracilis 
Lilac-flowered Beardtongue (Slender beardtongue)
Figwort family - Scrophulariaceae

Rare in the Edmonton area. Small spikes of beautiful lilac flowers. Doesn’t spread but may self-seed a little.

Bloom time: June
Height: 20 - 40cm (8 - 16”)
Growing conditions: Sun; well-drained sandy soil.
Penstemon procerus 
Slender Blue Beardtongue (Slender Blue Beardstongue)
Figwort family - Scrophulariaceae

Now rare in Edmonton. Thrives in cultivation. Will grow upright if crowded; sprawl if given room. Cutting the spent flowers will encourage it to bloom again in August, September. Short-lived perennial, but self-seeds. Natural habitat is damp prairie or damp meadows.

Bloom time: May - June
Height: 15 - 45 cm (6 - 18”)
Growing Conditions: Sun; average soil: prefers extra moisture.

Direct seed in late fall and do not cover - press into the ground. Or cold moist stratify 6-8 weeks. Have a high germination rate, are slow growing, and will bloom the second year.
Petalostemon purpureum - Purple Prairie Clover: See Dalea purpurea
Physostegia ledinghamii
False Dragonhead (Ledingham's False Dragonhead)
Mint family - Labiatae

An attractive bushy plant with spikes of rose pink to purple flowers and bright green leaves.
Will spread into a larger clump by means of short unerground rhizomes. Habitat in the wild is shady or sunny areas with a good water supply - ditches, slow-moving streams and sloughs and other wetlands.

Bloom time: Mid to late summer.
Height: 30 - 50 cm (12 - 20")
Growing conditions: Afternoon shade; fertile, reliably moist soil.
Potentilla gracilis
Graceful Cinquefoil
Rose family - Rosaceae

Bushy medium-sized perennial that tends to sprawl. Large palmate leaves and bright yellow flowers that look a little like buttercups. A great plant for a wildflower meadow. Habitat is grasslands, open woods and meadows.

Bloom time: July, August
Height: 40 - 60 cm (16 - 24”)
Growing Conditions: Sun; average soil.

Sow seeds in spring or fall. This species has a taproot, so transplant when very young.
Pulsatilla nuttalliana
Prairie Crocus 
Crowfoot family - Ranunculaceae

Short perennial for sun or semi-shade.
Pale purple to white flowers in April-first flower to bloom.
Needs a well-drained soil. Sow in fall or stratify. Cover seeds lightly.
Don’t overwater seedlings.