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Thalictrum dasycarpum
Tall Meadow Rue

A quite amazing perennial. Tall and robust, it looks more like a bush. There are male and female plants, each having different flowers. Male flowers are white/greenish and fringed. Female flowers are clusters of tiny white stars. The petals are actually sepals. This plant's habitat is damp open woods and damp meadows.

Bloom time: June, July.
Height: 150 - 170 cm ( 59 - 67")
Growing conditions: Sun or semi-shade, lots of moisture.
Fairly easy to grow from seed. Stratify seeds.
Thalictrum venulosum
Veiny Meadow Rue

A common woodland perennial with finely divided compound leaves that give the plant an airy, lacy appearance. There are both male and female plants. Male flowers are greenish-white and fringed.
Female flowers have greenish-white sepals that look like petals. The pistils in the centre of the flower are greenish to pinkish-purple. Habitats are Aspen forests and moist prairies and meadows.

Bloom time: May - July.
Height: 30 - 90 cm (12 - 36")
Growing conditions: Quite adaptable to most conditions, but prefers adequate moisture.
Hard to transplant, so transplant when at the seedling stage.
Thermopsis rhombifolia
Buffalo Bean, Golden Bean

This perennial is a wonderful patch of sunshine in the spring. Rare in the Edmonton area, but very common - even invasive - further south. Habitat - prefers well-drained sandy or gravelly slopes and dry grasslands. Typical pea-shaped yellow flowers, followed by narrow curved pods which contain tiny kidney-shaped beans. Beans and pods are poisonous.

Bloom time: May, early June.
Height: 20 - 40 cm (8 - 16")
Growing conditions: Quite adaptable to most conditions. Will spread up to a metre away via underground runners. Will quickly expand into a large patch if not contained. Hard to transplant, but fairly easy to start from seed. Soak the seeds for a day before planting.